Fujitsu website usability


Fujitsu New Zealand homepage

For the distributors of New Zealand’s ¬†favourite air, Fujitsu does not have a very useable website. Firstly the load times are slow. If you have the patience the wait them out, you are greeted by a fairly static webpage. A small banner displays news articles but it’s style could easily be mistaken for a banner ad.

Navigation is also lacking. To access tabs within the parent tab, a small arrow needs to be clicked – an arrow which is hard to reach with a tiny mouse.

To further complicate matters, products and services are very cluttered. Their are laid out in a clustered column similar to text seen on a newspaper. This doesn’t translate well on web. However it’s evident that an underlying grid has been used which is great.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 8.44.39 PM

Overall: Ineffective usability


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