Goldstar Heat Pumps Website Usability

Goldstar Heat Pumps Website

Screen shot 2015-06-07 at 9.32.20 PM

Overall this website is effective when considering target users. Because Goldstar Heat Pumps sells and installs heat pumps Hamilton, target users include those looking to get a new heat pump system installed. Since they are most likely using Goldstar Heat Pumps as a one-stop-shop for purchasing and installing, users are likely time poor.

Because of this, there is little room to give the site a modern, artsy or creative design. Instead information needs to be easily and quickly accessible. Furthermore users could range from age 20-90, so the site needs to tailor for older, and more computer illiterate users. It is easy to navigate tabs using the tab bar at the top of the screen.

Furthermore it is easy to find products. Users click into their favourite brand and scrol through the options. The only suggestion I would have to make this site more usable is to include a search bar. This search bar would enable users to find a specific model quickly, if they knew the exact model they were afterall. But on the whole, this website is incredibly user friendly.

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