Jenco Electrical Guarantee

Need a Auckland Electrician? Always Choose a Registered Master Electrician.

Jenco Electrical are Registered Master Electrician based in Auckland. They provide all kinds of electrical servivces, both commercial and residential.

So what makes Jenco Electrical different from other Electrician in Auckland?


Here’s some Guarantees provided by Jenco Electrical.

1. They will be on time, or contact you if there is any possibility of them being held up.

2. They will clean your house or business after they have finished doing their work. All their vans carry a vaccum and dust cloths.

3. They wear shoe covers to protect your floor covering.

4. They have good electricians who are police checked.

5. They treat all customers with the utmost respect.

5. They wear clean uniforms.

6. They treat customers house or businesses and property with care and respect.

7. They provide accurate information you need to make decision when purchasing products or planning the work you need.

8. They will provide a quote to you within 48 hours or inform you of a timeframe if waiting on information.

9. They will leave information with you or onsite, which will tell you who worked at your premises.

Here’s some things Jenco Electrical don’t DO.

1. They won’t talk their Customers into any unnecessary work.

2. They won’t sell you overpriced products that are not required for the job being done.

3. They won’t pass on or share customer’s details with a third party.

So, next time if you are looking for Auckland Electrician, contact Jenco Electrical on 00800 453 626

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