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Goldstar Heat Pumps Website Usability

Goldstar Heat Pumps Website Overall this website is effective when considering target users. Because Goldstar Heat Pumps sells and installs heat pumps Hamilton, target users include those looking to get a new heat pump system installed. Since they are most likely using Goldstar Heat Pumps as a one-stop-shop for purchasing and installing, users are likely time […]

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PressureBall Usability

PressureBall Homepage Overall PressureBall has a high level at usability. At first glance, this website appears to follow the modern website design of being a one-paged site. You scroll down and are met with all necessary information and media needed to make a purchase. The fact that it is laid out like this also makes […]

Continue Reading Usability Homepage is overall a very appealing website. With such a high-demand URL you would accept nothing less. It’s easy to make distinctions between the different sections. Categories are clearly labeled and ample links allow you to jump between them with ease. Furthermore they have a chat bar. Some chat bars are very in […]

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Grace Evangelical Website Usability

Grace Evangelical Church is a Hamilton church that boasts about being a warm and approachable church. It hopes it’s website is also warm and approachable. The website has a high level of usability. It is not overly cluttered as content fits neatly into four different sections. For those who do not have enough time to […]

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Fujitsu website usability

Fujitsu New Zealand homepage For the distributors of New Zealand’s  favourite air, Fujitsu does not have a very useable website. Firstly the load times are slow. If you have the patience the wait them out, you are greeted by a fairly static webpage. A small banner displays news articles but it’s style could easily be […]

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Chubb Fire Protection Products Usability

The Chubb fire protection products page has high usability. Information is displayed neatly with possibly a grid underlay to keep the information structured and unified. Both the headings and the images are hyperlinked so it is easy to navigate through the page. All links are working correctly. The bottom two links take the user off-site and […]

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